Brokers could save 30 minutes an application, says BM

Mortgage brokers could save 30 minutes per application when lenders’ online sites are linked to a sourcing system, says BM Solutions.

Its research shows a quarter of respondents believe that they save up to half an hour, while a further 15% believe that the savings are greater still.

The lender surmises that a broker who submits three applications a day using the facility saves an hour and a half each day, which equates to a whopping one month each year.

Iain Williamson, head of key accounts at BM Solutions, says: By talking to brokers we know that it’s the smaller things that make a difference.

“This is a great example of that. The data transfer facility is designed to make their lives easier, and those time savers really do add up over the course of a year.

Bill Safran, chief executive of Trigold, says: BM Solutions is always one step ahead with technology, and as a valued partner of our E-Trading Centre, it’s fantastic that it is able to pass these kind of time savings on to its brokers.