BoS offers clients help after data leak

Bank of Scotland is offering 62,000 customers free registration with an anti-fraud service after a CD containing details of two-thirds of its customers’ mortgage accounts was lost in the post.

The bank has already written to the affected mortgage customers to apologise and reassure them that it would be “almost impossible” to use the information on the disc for financial fraud.

It says that in the unlikely event of details being used for fraudulent purposes, affected customers will not be left out of pocket.

BoS has offered affected customers the chance to register free of charge with CIFAS, the UK’s fraud prevention service. This facility offers additional protection against the misuse of personal information when applying for credit and other products and services.

The disc was lost while the bank was sending a monthly update of customer information to credit reference agencies.

The data held on the disc includes names, addresses, dates of birth and mortgage account numbers but not bank account details, PIN numbers or passwords.

The Financial Services Authority and the Information Commissioner have been informed of the incident.

Shane O’Riordain, general manager of group communications at BoS, says: “We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience or upset this incident may have caused.

“We have taken steps to protect our customers and ensure this does not happen again.”