BDM of the Week

Mark Bell-Langford delivered the goods for us when no-one else could - and it wasn\'t even his case. Northern Rock should use him as an example for others to follow, says Martyn Richards

Name: Mark Bell-Langford

Age: 36

Company: Northern Rock

Area: West Wales

Nominated by: Martyn Richards, independent mortgage broker, Asset Mortgage Solutions

Reasons for nomination: I’d like to nominate Mark because after numerous telephone calls from my staff to Northern Rock’s ineffective call centre and broker support teams, we were struggling to get a case to offer. My Northern Rock BDM was on holiday, but Mark went out of his way to clear the logjam within five minutes. If we’d called him first we would have saved time and money.

He took the trouble to return my calls and sort out the problem and it wasn’t even his case – what a refreshing change. Northern Rock should use him as an example. He delivered when numerous others at the lender couldn’t or wouldn’t.

BDM SAYS: This nomination is greatly appreciated. Being recognised for doing work that I enjoy gives me a sense of achievement. My role as a Northern Rock BDM has been made a lot easier by the lender’s competitive products and service offering. I previously worked as a broker and found that I got the most job satisfaction when I took on mortgages and ensured they progressed smoothly to completion. Now I get the chance to do the same thing for a wider group of brokers.

The brokers in west Wales share my enthusiasm to de-liver quality service to their clients. When they call me, they can expect prompt and accurate answers to their questions. Knowing this kind of response will be delivered is central to the broker-BDM relationship.

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