Accord launches remortgage range

Accord has launched a range of remortgage products in association with

The service offers a choice of solicitors in across the UK.

Customers can choose between paying a product fee and a fee-free option and rates start at 5.89%.

There is also the choice of three year and five year fixed rate products – the five year deals offering enhanced income multiples for clients looking to borrow that little bit extra.

Finally, there is a choice of full status and self-cert.

All Accord’s remortgage service products include free legal fees for standard remortgages and the launch range products have free valuations up to £470 too.

Accord has teamed up with eConveyancer to make use of its case tracking facility.

It says the streamlined service works well for customers too with the majority of standard remortgage cases completing within 15 working days of offer.

Cate Hillis, head of mortgage product development at Accord, says: “Accord realises that it is more important than ever to offer attractive remortgage deals, as well as the need to offer intermediaries real choice.

“As such not only are we introducing remortgage products with a variety of fee and no fee options, but following feedback we are giving intermediaries a choice of solicitiors in each area.

“Additionally, the launch range offers £100 extra on top of the product procuration fee.”