Analysis: Bad times call for protective measures


The hit US show Breaking Bad has been on our screens for a while but the hype surrounding it does not seem to be going away as increasing numbers of people discover it. 

The subject matter gave me some food for thought.

The show is great entertainment although some may think it a little exaggerated. But it has a valuable message: sometimes, people are willing to do whatever it takes to support their family when they are put in a difficult situation.

But I cannot help thinking that things would have been a lot easier for Walter White – the US high-school chemistry teacher who turned to manufacturing drugs to support his family when he discovered he had terminal cancer – if he had thought to take out protection insurance.

UK consumers watching the show can learn a lesson, too, and I wonder whether the storyline hit home for a few of them.

What Walter White’s story proves is that these illnesses can creep up on us but if we have put some protection in place we will have access to the funds we need without having to resort to drastic measures – legal or otherwise.