The importance of a good network


The role of a network is very diverse, and arguably, one of its most important roles is to help advisers to expand and grow their businesses.

It is a very different proposition being a full-time adviser compared with recruiting and managing people with all the HR and legal aspects that entails, let alone the man management ability. However, every network should realise that the firms that we look at as our future, maybe larger firms that are growing rapidly, were advisers who were selling on their own only yesterday.

Most advisers need help making that leap from being a one or two person practice to having a number of people working for them.

Once you have employed people, you start to understand that each individual who works for you is a reflection of your brand and your business so it is vital that we all employ the right people as the wrong individuals can bring your business down.

A good understanding of how to recruit and to get the right people therefore is essential and it is something that any supportive and growing network should help its members with.

Everything from how to recruit to how to manage; as an adviser, do you know the implications of HR law, for example, most small businesses do not and so can inadvertently fall foul of the law if they are not given support.

If you are adviser looking to expand, contact your network and enlist their help, there should be no need to go it alone.

If your network is supportive, it should give you guidance, advice and training to help you through every step of the recruitment process and should also be there after you hav e recruited to help you with the next steps of incentivisation or even with what to do if you realise the person you recruited is not the one for you after all.