Why can’t we download Abbey offline system details?

From Simon Fisher

Having learnt about Abbey’s offline mortgage application system I phoned my local processing centre to request details, only to be told that it had been given only 25 CDs and they had already been sent out to its best brokers.

I don’t understand why in this day and age such details can’t be downloaded from a website and available to all. The Abbey site is laborious even using a 2MB connection so I thought this offline system was long overdue.

I recently had a visit from my Northern Rock BDM to install the latest version of its offline application software. The current system is clunky and prone to failing mid-application so again I was excited to be getting new software.

In this case,it was a waste of the BDM’s time to travel to each broker to do something most brokers could do themselves. It would be a far better use of their time to respond to brokers’ queries rather than do the job of an IT department.

Finally, a quick moan about lenders who don’t give their staff email addresses, even those that have online applications. What kind of businesses are they trying to run?