Website can help you avoid using unpopular 0870 numbers

From Jim Gillespie

The infamous 0870 telephone numbers are still used by countless life offices, lenders and even networks, despite their unpopularity with the public and brokers.

But there is something we can all do to minimise the chances of having to pay 0870 call charges again.

Take a look at the excellent website, Not only can you find the normal STD telephone number behind the 0870 numbers for thousands of companies registered on the website, you can also add details of companies you know not already listed.

For example, Paymentshield’s number is 0870 7594000, but the STD number behind it is 01704 541100, and it also has an 0800 number which is 0800 0322212.

If we all use this website and add the information we know about the companies we deal with, we will not have to pay 0870 charges.