We are professionals and are not turned on by cartoons

From Mike Fitzgerald

The recent Star Letter regarding BM Solutions’ Red icon was interesting to say the least.

Priya Shome objected to the fact that the icon of a curvy woman in red has replaced BM Solution’s Alan Cleary as the website mascot.

She went on to say BM Solutions is alienating future high performing mortgage brokers by using a sexy icon to promote products.

Might I suggest that we in the mortgage industry are professional and are not turned on by moving cartoons. We have important issues to contend with and worrying about a desktop icon being male or female is not one of them.

The mortgage industry is battling various problems such as excessive paperwork and over-regulation. Lenders who use cutting edge technology such as BM Solutions should be applauded. If this technology happens to include an icon of Red alerting us to important changes, so be it.

BM Solutions has been one of the leaders in mortgage e-trading and should be congratulated for its progressive and innovative approach to assisting brokers. Anything that instantly alerts us to rate changes can only be of benefit to brokers and their clients.

We deal with a lot of high net worth clients and have high producing professional advisers, both male and female, who think Red is a good idea.

Finally, I think the suggestion BM Solutions has alienated brokers in the same way as using bunny girls at trade fairs is insulting both to the intelligence of brokers and to the ingenuity of BM Solutions.
Mike Fitzgerald
Brentchase Financial Services
By email