Taylor’s Tour…..

Henry Taylor\'s day job is running a mortgage broking business in Eastbourne on the south coast of England, when not taking part in the Seat Cupra Championship

The 2005 SEAT Cupra Championship has now ended, following the final showdown last weekend at Brands Hatch. Our first qualifying session was on Saturday but as we set up to do our flying lap the red lights came on. One of the other drivers had crashed and their car was blocking the circuit. This brought an end to the session.

In the second qualifying session the weather tested us by raining on half the circuit and being dry on the other half. These conditions are treacherous as you have a tenth of the grip on one half of the circuit as on the other. I love these conditions and managed to qualify in third position.

Sunday was race day and fifth position in the championship was on everybody’s mind. This would mean 10,000 in prize money and the chance to race in the world finals in Turkey. I managed to get up into third position after two laps in race one. But as I braked for the hairpin the car locked up and ran wide. Some oil had been left from the previous race and I slid wide to drop back to fourth. I managed to get back up to third but the red flags came out for another accident and that ended the race prematurely.

I made another good start in race two and was in second at the first corner. But I was hit from behind and pushed on to the grass. I managed to recover from ninth position to finish fifth.