Red is a much-needed bit of fun in these serious times

From Dave Crump

I’d like to congratulate Priya Shome of Purely Mortgages for the PR job she did in her Star Letter in Mortgage Strategy (September 26). BM Solutions must be proud.

I and thousands of experienced candy-eyed mortgage advisers are normally too busy to download icons from lenders’ websites but on reading the Star Letter I succumbed out of curiosity and downloaded Red.

With all the seriousness about regulation, compliance, additional costs etc, it’s time for some fun in this industry, so well done BM Solutions and let’s see more lenders follow your example. Here are some ideas – Tickly Pete, Surly Sue, Whirly Willy, Loose Lucy and Muscle Martin to name a few.

I will now get back to my mortgage sourcing with renewed vigour. (Hello Red, what’s new today?)