Pink launch buy-to-let lifetime tracker

Pink Home Loans has launched a shared exclusive buy-to-let lifetime tracker product funded by BM Solutions.

The product offers a rate of 4.89%, Bank base rate + 0.39%, for the life of the mortgage and the rental payment is calculated on an interest only basis at the pay rate, Bank base rate + 0.39%.

Nic Ekin, lender relations manager at Pink, says: This tracker offers an excellent deal for the buy-to-let investor, not only offering a competitive rate for the life of the loan, but also taking advantage of the competitive rental calculation at the pay rate of the mortgage.

Lee Grandin, managing directorof Landlord Mortgages, says: “Just when you think that BM Solutions have delivered the best that they can, they come back with another fantastic product and who delivers it best? Pink of course”.

The product also includes net broker commission of 0.5%, min 150 max 4,500, although it is online applications only.