Pink hold insurance suppliers forum

Pink Home Loans held an Insurance Suppliers forum last Thursday to review the market changes since I Day.

It is evident within the marketplace that the main focus has been towards mortgages following M Day, so I Day activity may not have had the profile it should have received.

Pink sees insurance as a crucial part of the sales process and wanted to ensure it is given priority to appointed representatives who not only can meet their regulatory responsibilities but also to maximise the income opportunities it provided.

A group of insurance providers and Pink held the forum to review regulation, share ideas and sales techniques in line with TCF initiatives.

A number of brokers have stated that they find the distance learning tools helpful. They also suggested that face-to-face training is beneficial and this is where Pinks Business Development Managers were highlighted to be at the heart of developing this area.

Pinks strategy to ensure that our ARs receive high quality ongoing training will be increased with proposed workshops to enhance the sales process. In the last set of seminars that Pink delivered to its ARs during summer, the feedback was excellent and ARs confirmed that they valued the ongoing training and support that Pink as a principal was providing.

Phil Whitehouse, relationship ,manager at Pink says: Through our structured training programme for ARs we ensure that all customers receive excellent service and products that meet their needs. This will be further enhanced by future events.

Dev Malle, sales director at Pink, says: As our network numbers grow, it is important that we focus as much on retention as acquisition and providing ongoing training and support allows ARs to continually develop their business and the service they provide to their clients.

“The evidence of it working is the feedback from customers and our excellent retention record.

Allen Banfield, national protection sales manager at Legal & General, says: It was refreshing to be able to work with Pink and other product providers to identify areas where by sharing ideas and resources, the end customer will benefit. With a co-ordinated communication and training programme involving the product providers, both the consumer and Pink will benefit from their expertise.