Number of overseas mortgages increases

Conti Financial Services is currently celebrating over 11 years as one of the UK’s leading brokers of overseas mortgages.

Simon Conn, managing director of CFS says: “we now arrange mortgages in over 30 countries, where over 200 schemes have been negotiated with either local or offshore Lenders, which include a number of exclusive products and this results in lower interest rates and setting up costs.

We have also organised with some of the longer established lenders, dedicated underwriters to look after our introduced clients and this results in a fast track service and special terms for higher net worth clients.”

Conn is also celebrating over 25 years involvement in overseas lending.

Conn says: when I started arranging mortgages in Spain in the early 1980s, I had only one lender offering a maximum 50% loan, maximum term of 10 years and interest rates at 5.00% above local Bank Base Rate.

“Today CFS have a panel of over 12 different lenders, over 40 schemes ranging from 0.75% above the local Bank base rate, maximum 80% loan and up to 30 years.

Over the years, I have experienced the pleasure of seeing a number of past clients purchasing their property initially as a Holiday property and then utilised as a Retirement Home, whilst others who have purchased as an Investment have reaped the benefits or gone onto larger properties.

Nowadays of course, an overseas home/investment is very well publicised due to Media Interest, lower interest rates, cheap flights and an increasing interest in Investment type products.