New Homes Mortgage Helpline chooses MortgageStream software

New Homes Mortgage Helpline, the national new build mortgage specialist, has chosen MortgageStream to manage its new business pipeline, relationships and sales communications with customers.

Paul Arnold, press officer for New Homes Mortgage Helpline, says: “We chose MortgageStream because of its essential integration to Legal & General Launchpad and Trigold.

“This link streamlines our business processes and increases the efficiency of our administration staff, who no longer have to enter data into different systems.

“The facility to attach electronic documents has transformed our head office operation, allowing us to make more efficient use of our time, delivering a more professional service to our customers.

“MortgageStream makes it simple for our remote working sales managers and directors to access management and compliance info on all aspects of the advice and sales process, and produce reports at a touch of a button, whilst the Call and Interview recording facility will protect the business with a cast iron Audit Trail.”

Paul Holden, sales director at MortgageStream, says: “We are delighted to welcome New Homes Mortgage Helpline as another new MortgageStream Corporate Customer.

“The link from L&G Launchpad software via Trigold to MortgageStream means that L&G users can input cases to Launchpad and then progress the cases through to MortgageStream in one seamless process.

“For the first time genuine single data entry is possible from first enquiry in to mortgage sourcing, life & GI quoting. The data link to MortgageStream allows continuation of the case processing and commission tracking without ever having to re-enter the client, lender or product details.”