McConechy leaves M-Next

Mortgage Next director Mal McConechy has quit the company after eight years to pursue other interests.

And rumours are rife that more departures are on the way. One source tells Mortgage Strategy: “McConechy has left Mortgage Next and it is thought others are set to leave as well.”

But Justine Tomlinson, marketing director at Mortgage Next, says McConechy, who was lender partnerships director, will be the only departure.

She says: “I can confirm that Mal has left to pursue other interests and that it was his idea to leave. He has been a loyal and committed employee for the past eight years. He has greatly helped in making the business the success it is today. We wish him well for the future.”

Mortgage Next says it is recruiting and has plans to make further appointments to enhance its proposition to appointed representatives and directly authorised brokers.

Dev Malle, head of operations at Pink Home Loans, says McConechy has been one of Mortgage Next’s most important personalities and will be missed.

Malle says: “Clearly Mal has been one of the important personalities at Mortgage Next and he is well known throughout the industry. We have a good relationship with both him and Mortgage Next.

“I have no doubt we’ll be seeing him in a sales role in the industry soon and wish him every success.”

McConechy has been with Mortgage Next since its launch in April 1996 when he joined as sales director. In September 2004 he was given the newly created role of lender partnerships director, making him responsible for managing the lender panel and ensuring the company’s lending proposition operates within financial promotions guidelines.