Landlord associations join forces

The National Landlords Association and the Dorset Residential Landlords Association have joined together in another step towards providing a coherent and more unified voice for the private-rented sector.

The DRLA Committee has recommended to its members that their association be remodelled as NLA (Dorset) and this has now been passed at a general meeting.

David Salusbury, chairman of the NLA, says: We are extremely pleased that Dorset Landlords have decided to unite with us in this way.

“By making this move both associations believe the interests of private landlords will be promoted and protected in a more effective way.

“DRLA is a substantial and widelyrespected landlord association and will bring with them much expertise and experience that will make a valuable contribution to the continuing process of professionalisation of our sector, which is what we should all be working to achieve.

Over the last few years the DRLA and NLA have worked well together in the common interest of residential landlords, regularly exchanging information on national and local issues. More recently, they have made joint responses to a number of government consultation exercises.

Alex Law, president of the DRLA, adds: The DRLA see this as a logical progression of the relationship we have developed with the NLA.

“We believe that our sector needs increasingly to speak with authority when it comes to dealing with those whose decisions affect the everyday lives of both landlords and their tenants.

“That means landlord associations banding together in some form or other. For us in Dorset to way to achieve our objectives is to link up with the NLA in a unified body.”