ING Direct earmarks 2006 for mortgage launch

ING Direct has confirmed that it is considering launching a mortgage product at some point in 2006.

For over a year now there have been a number of rumours circulating that the Dutch-owned organisation was setting up a mortgage arm. The company has finally confirmed that while several products are up for consideration, the front runner is now a mortgage.

A spokeswoman for ING Direct, says: “Before doing so, ING Direct is going to consult with their customers as they want to offer them a product that shares the open, honest and simple approach they have brought to the savings market.

“Over the next few weeks a customer questionnaire is going out, asking about the product features that would really be valued. Once this feedback has been taken on board the product can be finalised and launch plans made.”

ING Direct launched its savings account in 2003 and has signed up over 900,000 customers with some 21bn in deposits.