IFS launches alternative residential lending module

The Alternative Residential Lending module has just opened for registration at the Institute of Financial Services. The ARL module forms part of the recently launched Advanced CeMAP qualification and giving candidates greater flexibility in their specialist area.

The ARL module covers the specialist advice process for a range of alternative lending products such as, sub-prime mortgages, the Right-to-Buy market, self-build mortgages, equity release, borrowing to buy foreign property, the key features of buy-to-let borrowing, and the key factors of buying property as an investment in a self invested personal pension.

Mark Roberts, head of faculty financial regulation at the IFS, says: “The industry has diversified into new areas recently with many mainstream players now lending to sub prime borrowers as the number of borrowers depletes.

“We developed the ARL module to offer those working in this market a chance to demonstrate their competence through proper accreditation and to allow those looking to expand their portfolio to train in giving advice in new areas.”