I went to a CPD-accredited seminar but got no certificate

From Nigel Pamment

Along with many other IFAs and brokers, I attended the Mortgage Business Expo in Manchester on May 19 this year. The main reason I went along was to go to as many CPD-accredited seminars as possible, both to get the certificates and to keep up to speed with the industry.

Fine so far. But out of the hundreds that attended, am I the only one who has not received any of the certificates promised? I suspect not as the same thing happened to my colleague and myself last year at a roadshow, again in Manchester.

What is the point in having these roadshows if the CPD-accredited seminars – the main reason we go – can’t issue certificates? I contacted organiser Clarion Events on September 9 to query the above and was told to contact the Institute of Financial Services, which I thought odd as I didn’t think it had run any of the seminars. Anyway, I contacted the IFS to be told it knew nothing about any of this and to ring Clarion back. I did, but only to be told again that it was the IFS that had got it wrong.

I waited a week for a call but -what a surprise – nobody called. So I called the IFS again on September 15 and asked for the person dealing with this to be told she was on holiday. I then spoke to the marketing manager who said he would look into it.

At the time of writing, nobody had been in touch. I am being passed from pillar to post with nobody wanting to help or take responsibility.

I’m meant to be going to another roadshow soon but am wondering if it’s worth attempting to get accredited CPD. I feel the organisers are more interested getting us in so providers can sell their services and stuff as many rubbishy pens, calculators and stress toys as possible into our free plastic bags.

Do the organisers think this is the reason I brave three hours in traffic, pay extortionate parking charges and take a full day out of my working week, rather than the fact I need certificates as proof of attendance to adhere to FSA requirements?

I reckon attendances are down at events like this and I’m not surprised. Wake up, you moronic marketeers and get your priorities straight or there will be even fewer attendees.