I thought Nationwide and MTE were working together

From Sarah Morgan

I recently decided to return to the world of intermediaries after five years of working for a high street lender. With the many changes that have happened I was looking forward to trying the updated websites and new processing techniques.

A few well known lenders did not disappoint, and then I stumbled upon Nationwide/MTE.

A client of mine requested a DIP which after much digging around I discovered must be done via MTE. But having completed the form it refused to verify it, telling me it was invalid. Why was it invalid? The system couldn’t tell me. So I rang MTE which asked if I had filled in all the boxes. I replied: “Yes I have.” The response? “I don’t know, speak to Nationwide.” I rang Nationwide to be told to ring the MTE again as it was a technical problem.

So, the MTE can’t advise on Nationwide application forms and Nationwide can’t advise on the MTE. And I thought this was a joint venture designed to make the life of the broker easier.

I sorted out the problem by trial and error and sent off the DIP. The case proceeded and now all I have to do is enter the client’s details all over again as I can’t convert the DIP, or I could hand write an application form. Either way I spend too much time for a small proc fee. What a waste.

Incidentally, how many times will this poor client be credit scored by Nationwide/MTE?

Maybe it’s just me but I get the feeling I’m missing the USP of this system. I just wish someone could tell me what it is.