Halifax accused of cross-selling insurance

Halifax has been accused of using cold calling and dirty tactics to cross-sell buildings and contents insurance.

Anne Robson, consultant at Mortgage Experts, is submitting a complaint to Halifax after what she describes as a blatant attempt by the bank not just to cross-sell but also to illegally misrepresent the advice she offered.

Robson says: “I recently completed a mortgage with Halifax, then went away for a week. When I returned I found buildings insurance at 17.33 per month and contents cover at 26.86 per month had been added to the contract.”

The insurance Halifax was offering cost 25% more than the insurance Robson had offered her client. She says while she was away Halifax phoned her client and asked if they had buildings insurance, which they did. It agreed to send the client a quote but later set up a direct debit using the customer’s details from the mortgage offer.

Robson adds: “Halifax identified the member of staff responsible and cancelled the policies.”

Jon Craven, head of HBOS general insurance mortgage intermediaries, says: “It’s our responsibility to contact customers to ensure insurance is in place.”