Free valuations and cashback deals from Advantage and GMAC-RFC

Advantage is to give free valuations and cashback deals on all G200 box products, funded by GMAC-RFC.

This now ensures that brokers and their clients get the same deal financially by going to Advantage as they would by going direct to the lender.

Kate Huet, marketing director at Advantage, says: There is a perception in the market that to get the biggest deals available a broker has to go direct to the lender, this is incorrect in Advantages case, and brokers need to realise quickly that the direct to lender route is actually only one option, not the sole option.

Advantage has been enjoying the fact that brokers want to place business with the company because of its service levels, and I am delighted that GMAC-RFC recognise that it can provide volume and exactly the same route to market with increased conversion opportunity as indeed they can themselves.

Brokers have a real choice, and they need to consider that direct is not the only option available to them where its a binding decision from an online dip that is required.

Great service means that the processing and completion is smooth, quick, trouble free and leaves the broker able to spend more time with more clients to earn more money by letting Advantage do all the legwork. With its well above industry average conversion ratios Advantage is a safe pair of hands as an alternative option.

The G200 box product range consists of sub-prime products from near-prime through to heavy adverse for full status and self-cert, Right to Buy and buy-to-let deals. The whole range offers a 250 cashback on purchases, and a 250 cashback or free legals on remortgages. Two-year fixed rates starting from 5.79%.

Shaun Jelfs, corporate account sales manager, at GMAC-RFC says: Im not surprised that Advantage is launching this deal. It has its finger on the pulse when it comes to meeting the needs of the mortgage intermediary. Advantage is a great example of how successful the remote processing proposition has become