Estate Angels’ leads look like they could be made up to me

From Kevin Thornton

I was interested to read the letter from Christopher Platt (Mortgage Strategy October 3) about buying leads. My first thought is, if these people were not looking for a mortgage is this not cold calling?

I have recently been receiving an email per day offering me a lead from Estate Angels or should that be Angles. Although I have not yet signed up with it, it has been unable to place these leads and knows I wouldn’t want to miss business opportunities like these.

These have included a staff nurse working in Manchester on 39,950 per year -that made my wife laugh as she is a nurse and doesn’t know anyone in nursing earning that amount. Another was a first-time buyer on a salary of 12,000 looking for a mortgage between 100,000 and 120,000. Today’s hot lead? Donna in the North-West looking for a 200,000 mortgage on a buy-to-let scheme. On the old NatWest calculation that would mean a monthly rental income of 1,667 -I don’t think so.

I can only assume the person taking the leads (or making up the leads?) has lost all interest, or perhaps the will to live.