Columnists give up their own time to contribute something to the industry

From Neal Smith

Having been a regular columnist for Mortgage Strategy and thus qualifying as ‘one of the usual suspects’ as Jay Williams puts it (Mortgage Strategy Letters, September 26), I would like to reply to his observations.

Penning a regular article is no mean feat and MS’ regular columnists like Richard Griffiths, Dean Mirfin, Rachel Blackmore, Bill Warren and Ben Stafford et al should be applauded for giving up their time (note their services are provided free) and commenting on issues that affect our industry.

Basle II, IT and the demise of building societies on the high street are issues that can hardly be construed as proclamations of personal dexterity. During my time as an MS columnist I used to put pen to paper over the weekend as I could not cover my normal work plus my MS column duties during regular working hours. No doubt other regular columnist do likewise. I find the undermining of the efforts of columnists derogatory.

I look forward to receiving my copy of MS and will continue to do so. Its mix of inhouse journalists and expert comment from the industry is spot on, and I seem to remember a certain ‘Personal Finance Trade Publication of the Year’ award which speaks volumes.

In the meantime Mr Williams if you don’t like what you read in MS may I suggest you approach editor Robyn Hall and request a weekly feature about your rise to the top as mortgage director of UBS AG and the secrets of your success. I can assure you will not find it as easy as you think.

Neal Smith
Compliance manager (Mortgages & General)
The Whitechurch Network
By Email