Check lawyers’ customer service credentials first

From Peter Wake

I am writing in response to the letter from Bill Armstrong of Kendal Streete Mortgage Brokers (Mortgage Strategy September 12). Having worked with a wide array of lawyers across the country, I can understand the frustrations brokers have with their lawyers.

Many lawyers have yet to accept that brokers provide numerous services for clients and lawyers are part of that so they should do just that – provide service.

Unfortunately, it is taking some lawyers a while to come round to the concept of good service. But there are an increasing number of law firms that know what good customer service is and how to put it into practice.

At TitleAbsolute we have a panel of lawyers who work to strict service level agreements and who are experts in conveyancing. We have learnt that working with our business partners, who include a large number of brokers, in providing an efficient service makes for a better working relationship and happier customers.

We also ensure the law firms we work with make full use of the latest IT. This helps speed up the conveyancing process and ensures brokers get paid on time. My advice to Armstrong would be to choose the lawyers he works with carefully and check their customer service credentials before handing them any of his customers.