A&L’s products are fine but its after-service is appalling

From Philip Smith

As a mortgage broker I rely on good service, much as my clients do, and if I fail in that regard I can hardly expect to hear from them again. And regarding service, I’ve read many anti-Alliance & Leicester letters in Mortgage Strategy and recently placed my first mortgage with it for a few years. I now understand why.

Every phone number is a 0870 number including its BDMs (all other lenders’ BDMs I know work off mobile numbers presumably because they’re out and about looking after the likes of me). My A&L BDM, according to the recorded message, is on another call, could I leave a message, please. Trouble is he’s been on that call since 9am and hasn’t had the time to return my call.

I like A & L’s products and its online application is excellent. It’s the after- service that is appalling. Things don’t seem to have improved much and the campaign against the latest bank charge (the 0870 charge) must continue.