20 Duped by home raffle scoundrel

A cheeky scoundrel ran off with 10,000 after raffling his repossessed house for 500 a ticket.

David Roberts, from Liskeard in Cornwall, duped 20 people into buyng the tickets. These people turned up on the day of the draw to find the house had been repossessed by the bank.

Roberts’ excuse for raffling the house was that the market for luxury homes was taking a downturn. In fact it had been taken from him for non-payment of his mortgage.

Doris Walker, a pensioner from Plymouth who bought a ticket, says: “I turned up at the house expecting lots of activity but David wasn’t there and I was told the house had been repossessed. My dreams of settling down for my retirement have been dashed.”

Roberts, an aircraft engineer, has promised to reimburse ticket holders.