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We&#39ll comply, say brokers

Four in 10 intermediaries say they will be responsible for their own compliance in 2004.

Cardiff-based network networkone&#39s &#39State of Trade&#39 survey of 900 intermediaries also suggests almost three in 10 intermediaries will have an inhouse compliance officer by October 31 next year. Two in 10 say they will rely on a third-party consultant while just over one in 10 have not thought about compliance yet.

Half of those surveyed say they have spent between £1,000 and £10,000 on regulation – four in 10 spending over £1,000 and one in 10 over £10,000.

Nearly half say they have been contacted by lender, packager or network partners with offers to assist with their plans for regulation. But over a third say they have received no assistance at all as yet.

Respondents were evenly split over the impact FSA regulation will have on the mortgage industry with over four in 10 believing it will have a positive effect but an equal number saying it could prove detrimental.

Six in 10 of the respondents say they intend to pursue principal status while nearly four in 10 say they are to seek appointed representative status.

Mark Osland, director of Croydon-based Fidelius, says: “A lot of mortgage advisers are already regulated by the FSA through other channels so it&#39s not surprising that so many will handle their own compliance. But it is shocking that so many have spent so much on preparing for the new regime. As an IFA firm we have spent virtually nothing as we already have the relevant systems in place.

“Ultimately it is up to individual firms to prepare themselves for regulation rather than the lender, packager or networks.”


Compliant recording service for brokers

Telephony service provider 24Talk has launched a call-recording service for brokers. Brokers, lenders and packagers of all sizes are all obliged to ensure telephone-based advice is compliant and legally admissible in court should a compliant lead to litigaiton. In a joint venture with application servce provider Verbal Store, 24Talk will offer brokers a pay-as-you-go service […]

LSM to launch range of mortgage deals

London Scottish Mortgages, part of London Scottish Bank, is to launch a range of residential and commercial mortgages. The lender says it will also offer a range of bridging loan products in a bid to fill several gaps in the non-conforming market. It says the products have been designed to fill gaps where other lenders […]

The Woolwich increases SVR by 0.25%

The Woolwich has increased its standard variable mortgage rate by 0.25% to 5.79%. The increase applies to The Woolwich and Barclays standard variable rates and will not be effective until December 1 2003. Openplan offset which is guaranteed to track the banks base rate for the lifetime of the mortgage &#45 bank base rate plus […]

A shocking indictment but not as you mean it, Mr Markham

From Dermot BranniganA &#39shocking indictment of our industry&#39 eh? (Terry Markham, head of networkone, in Mortgage Strategy Letters to the Editor, October 20: Most brokers still in the dark about regulation). Apparently, 250 brokers have &#39not received any meaningful support from a lender, packager or network&#39 regarding regulation. Why don&#39t they open their eyes and […]

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Infographic — health cash plans 2014

Health Shield has strengthened its position in the cash plan market, according to the latest Laing & Buisson report, increasing its market share by income from £27m in 2012 to £29m in 2013. The Health Cover UK Market Report 2014 revealed that the non-profit-making Friendly Society was the only provider in the top four to have increased its market share by income over the past year. Health Shield was also the only cash plan provider in the top four to have increased its market share by income every year for the previous five years. This infographic presents the figures.


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