NAEA concerned about Housing Bill

The National Association of Estate Agents says it has serious concerns about the instant marketing of properties in the government&#39s upcoming Housing Bill.

The association says that the Housing Bill as it stands would effectively make it impossible to even tell someone a property was available until the Home Information Pack was produced.

Peter Bolton King, chief executive of NAEA, says: “The association is concerned that this push for legislation is rather like &#39bill and design&#39 rather than &#39design and bill&#39, which surely should be the approach.

“The government has not as yet delivered a common sense and workable solution to the problem surrounding Home Information Packs. Most sellers are not even aware that if this bill becomes law they will have to stump up at least £600 just to put their home on the market.

“The government has clearly accepted that there is a concern as to whether sufficient home inspectors will be available to the extent that they have stated that Home Condition Reports will not be introduced until they are satisfied enough inspectors will be available.

However, the NAEA added that it was pleased that the government appeared to be listening to the concerns of the industry and that it would work on to find a workable solution to improving the buying and selling process.