Moscow International Property show is escape route to Europe

Moscow&#39s International Property Show on November 14 and 15 will provide a platform for Russians seeking a European safe haven, experts said yesterday.

With recent political and economical turmoil, more and more Russians are looking for a safe haven to invest their monies in Europe.

The two-day event at Moscow&#39s Renaissance Hotel is strategically planned as November is historically the most important month of the year for business.

The Sunday Times recently reported that Russian fears were mounting and that the Russian economy could expect a net capital flight of more than £7.8bn.

As snow settles in Moscow&#39s Red Square and the temperatures drop to below zero degrees; Marbellas Orange Square and Spain&#39s 300 days-a-year-of sunshine becomes increasingly inviting.

Countrywide Assured Group is Europe&#39s leading property service group with over 800 UK branches (branded names like Mann and Co, Beresfords, Taylors, Abbotts, Bairstow Eves, Bridgfords). And the group now includes its own overseas associate company, H20, based in Spain.

Marina Shamina, co-ordinator of H20´s New Home and Developments and a native Russian living in Spain, says: “H20 provide homes overseas with core values of honesty and openness. As Russian people become more and more cautious in nature, we are giving them an open and honest opportunity to purchase property in Spain. Giving Russians reassurance and credibility will be a big part of our job.”