Compliant recording service for brokers

Telephony service provider 24Talk has launched a call-recording service for brokers.

Brokers, lenders and packagers of all sizes are all obliged to ensure telephone-based advice is compliant and legally admissible in court should a compliant lead to litigaiton.

In a joint venture with application servce provider Verbal Store, 24Talk will offer brokers a pay-as-you-go service for contact centre grade voice recording and monitoring technology. Users subscribe to the service through a remote server which enables them to control recording and playback and to raise system queries. It also provides an archive that stores calls for a minimum of six months.

A multiple-user and additional supervisor access function is also available, enabling supervisors to log in and monitor the system&#39s users and to export files to wav format. As well as being compliant with the Data Protection Act, recordings made through the VerbalStore service are tamperresistant and admissible in court.

VerbalStore director Stephen Sinclair says: “Many companies looking to utilise voice recording have felt ignored by the traditional vendors whose systems have been incapable of scaling down to meet the budgets and needs of smaller users.

“We&#39ve gone a step beyond the contact centre recording arena by thinking of users who are looking to record more than just phone calls. Brokers could record a meeting, give dictation or even record a consultation.”