24Talk launches call recording service

24Talk has just launched a call recording service designed specifically for financial advisers.

The company says problems with recorded telephone conversations being compliant andlegally admissible in court, as well as being affordable, has long-been the bug-bear for all members of the financial community, from the small independent financial adviser to the multi-officed lender or packager.

Ina joint venture with VerbalStore 24Talk will offer a pay-as-you-go service, enabling small to medium-sized companies to benefit from contact centre grade voice recording and monitoring technology.

The single user functionality will include record start/stop, system query, playback and archival of data for a minimum of six months, although longer storage options are available. For multiple-user accounts an additional supervisor access function is available, enabling supervisors to login and offers real-time monitor recordings from their users, as well as query calls, playback and export files. The service is fully compliant with data protection acts. Recordings made through the VerbalStore service are encrypted, tamper-resistant and admissible in court.

Stephen Sinclair, director at VerbalStore, says: “Over the years I&#39ve met with many companies looking to utilise voice recording but felt ignored by the traditional system vendors whose systems have been incapable of scaling down to meet with the unique budgets and needs of single users. With the offering of this ASP service we hope to let those companies and users know we&#39ve listened.”

Chris Budd, managing director of 24Talk, adds: “Subscribers are looking for maximum features, tailored services and the least amount of confusion in selecting services. It seemed a natural fit to offer customers voice recording and monitoring capabilities.”