100,000 compliance documents stored on Trigold&#39s Compliance Shield

Trigold says over 100,000 compliance documents are now stored on its secure online data warehouse.

Over 1,000 users of Trigold&#39s Prospector Plus sourcing software currently subscribe to the Compliance Shield system which provides them with a window to view stored documents on the system.

The system can be used by those responsible to monitor compliance whether individual advisors, small firms, mortgage clubs or networks. Because the documents are stored automatically when advisors perform a product update so there is no additional work required by the advisor.

Bill Safran, joint managing director for Trigold, says: “Storing the 100,000 compliance documents using the integrated Trigold system is a landmark for the mortgage industry.

“Although this is a fraction of the overall number of documents that can and will be stored in the secure database it is proof positive that there is a working solution for individual advisors, clubs and networks.

“Compliance Shield removes the need to change your sales process or print every single document to file in your office for 3 years. Additionally, because the storage is automatic when performing a daily product update, advisors do not have to add yet another admin task to their already busy day.”