Mawdsley back in industry with top job at Omnii

Omnii Solutions has appointed John Mawdsley, former managing director of The Mortgage Partner-ship as chief executive officer.

Mawdsley sold his stake in The Mortgage Partnership in September 2008 and left the industry to pursue other business ventures. He also relinquished his role as spokesman for the Association of Mortgage Packagers and Distributors.

Mawdsley started his career in building societies in the 1970s and moved to centralised lending in the 1980s, being part of the team that launched HMC in High Wycombe.

Omnii is an aggregator of data. With its Checkit system it brings together anti-money laundering,credit checking and electronic valuation data for firms. Checkit also provides the power to categorise risk in a standardised format before, during and after sales, as it provides for an audit trail.

Mawdsley says: “The team at Omnii has built a proposition that is ideally suited to meet the challenges of today’s market. I am looking forward to this new and exciting opportunity.”