An online presence is vital for advisers

Jon King

Historically, businesses have regarded the internet as the route to younger clients, with older people considered to be uninterested in going online.

In fact, only a few years ago one high profile internet service provider received a lot of negative publicity after refusing a 75 year old a contract for access to the web.

Such an approach was probably based on sound assumptions back then, with a survey from Age Concern in 2005 showing that only one in seven of those aged between 60 and 69 had banked online.

More recent surveys point to rapidly improving access rates among pensioners.

This is a trend that will inevitably accelerate as more and more services become available online, some being exclusively available this way.

In fact, as the baby boomer generation heads for retirement the concept of not conducting business via the internet is starting to become unimaginable.

This makes the revelation by IFA Promotions that 30% of IFAs still don’t have websites all the surprising.

In this age of change the internet is an area advisers cannot afford to ignore.