Unfair Bank Charges

I have just fallen victim to an unfair charge !

My cahoot personal loan was finally paid off, or so I thought, when I paid off the last part, around £200 that made me about 30p in credit. Foolishly I therefore canceled my direct debit and and requested they close my account.

Yesterday evening I went to check it was all closed and apparently they had still tried to take out a £50 direct debit – even though the account was in credit – and the DD did not work so I got charged £30 which put me back in the negative.

After complaining to a very unhelpful chap who said it was all my fault I got tired of hitting my head against a brick wall.

£30 for nothing ! How many times do they levy these ridiculous charges, where is TCF in action here ?

Suffice to say I would not use Cahoot again and would not recommend anyone else does either if they are going to take such an inflexible and harsh approach – whether or not I have been an idiot …