So heartbreaking to read of Ollerenshaw’s car plight

I read about Blackandwhite chairman Chris Ollerenshaw\'s recent misfortunes with interest (Mortgage Strategy March 3), especially the heartbreaking loss of his classic car collection - a sacrifice he made to keep Blackandwhite afloat.

It must be hard for him to part with such luxuries afforded by the firm that is now taking them away. Reality check for Mr Ollerenshaw’s table, please.

Let me think – lose your material possessions to maintain your moral standing or stick two fingers up to the employees who have given you the chance to own such lovely vehicles – it must have been a tough decision.

I’m sure that while most of the broking industry scrapes the barrel to stay in business each month, they will spare a thought for Ollerenshaw’s unhappy situation.

Chris Thalha
By email