RICS releases home damage cost guide

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has released a guide to calculating home damage cost.

Release by The Building Cost Information Service, part of RICS, the Property makeover price guide is designed to prepare homeowners for what to expect to pay for over 1,300 different types of work to their home according to the location of their property.

It covers everything from fixing window panes to rebuilding walls.

Andrew Thompson, international development director of BCIS says: “Whether your property has suffered light, medium or severe damage getting an accurate estimate of the repair cost can help put your mind at ease, as well as help you to negotiate with your insurer or contractor about the work.”

“Building costs in Greater London are about 14% above the national average. Prices also vary across the capital – you tend to find that prices rise the further into town you go so building works in the London postal districts are about 8% higher than in outer London.

“In terms of repairing a roof, you might be only looking at adding £100 to your bill, but for more costly repairs location is a bigger factor.”

Some costs quoted include:

• Replace six tiles/slates in one location £350

• Rebuild 5m long freestanding brick wall (2m high, one brick thick £5,440

• Replace a framed, ledged and braced matchboard gate, including ironmongery £560

• Cut down and remove large trees £1,050 (per tree)

• Replace 20m of chestnut pale fencing (1000mm high, with two wires) £2,050

• Rebuild side wall, including insulation for terraced house £12,590

• Replace single width driveway, 10m long (75mm thick clay brick pavers) £3,160.