Platform added to Lendersonline

Platform has been added to the Lendersonline specialist sourcing system.

Lendersonline says the system, which has an integrated Equifax credit search and gives instant credit searched quotes, has seen greatly increased usage since the liquidity crisis.

Bill Thomson, managing director of Lendersonline, says: “We are delighted to add Platform to the system. Even with the recent exit of some of the specialist lenders, brokers can find products of up to 95% LTV with adverse and 90% LTV self-cert.

“I believe in these times of turmoil, brokers are finding it increasingly hard to keep up with the market. Lendersonline has been able to keep pace with these changes. Brokers have found that invaluable, hence the spike in usage since the turn of the year.”

Thomson sees the next area of concentration as integration with lenders to facilitate “one-key” processing and integration with case management systems to improve even more the broker’s efficiency in processing an application.