Orbiter to unveil specialist solution

Orbiter is unveiling a specialist solution next month built using the latest online technology.

This advanced technology has enabled it to build complex rules and underwriting criteria behind a simple user interface.

Andy Brown, director of Orbiter, says: “Sourcing is only one feature of the Orbiter proposition, but we recognise it is a hugely important part of the job of a mortgage broker. Our system is also effectively an electronic manifestation of the underwriting manuals of the lenders on our panel.

“This means every time we ask for information we are cross-referencing it against the specific criteria of all these lenders. This enables us to offer unrivalled accuracy in mortgage sourcing.”

The Orbiter system fully integrates affordability calculations within the Orbiter system and assess the applicant against affordability, income multiples and debt to income ratios while working 100& online.

Jason Berry, head of sales at Platform, says: “If Orbiter can successfully offer a simple user interface combined with detailed and accurate sourcing then it will without doubt prove to be a highly attractive proposition to the intermediary mortgage market.”

Orbiter will launch with an initial panel of around 30 lenders and will offer a choice of packaged and direct submission routes for brokers using the system. It intends to roll out a whole of market proposition by the end of 2008.