Leadbay launches debt leads service

Leadbay will now provide debt advice leads to brokers interested in individual voluntary arrangements, debt consolidation and Scottish Trust Deeds.

Advisers buying debt leads can specify postcode and debt amount and is able to choose how much to pay for leads and how many they would like to buy.

Advisers buying an IVA lead will receive a client who has a minimum debt of £15,000, or £10,000 for a trust lead, and has a minimum disposable income of £200 per month.

If a lead does not meet the criteria shown for an IVA/Trust Deed lead but the client has debts of over £5,000 and at least £100 per month disposable income then they will be classed as a debt management lead.

Leadbay will ensure that every person ascertained to be an IVA or a debt management lead is also employed or retired and has at least three creditors to give advisers the highest opportunity to convert the lead.

Grant Stevens, managing director of Leadbay, says: “There is a huge demand for debt management advice at the moment and we have had constant requests from advisers to provide them with this service.

“This latest lead offering from Leadbay not only gives advisers access to the highest quality debt management and IVA leads but also matches the consumer with an adviser well placed to help their circumstances.

“After conducting a thorough trial over the past few months, we have developed a debt focussed enquiry form with extra checks to ensure that advisers are introduced to prospective clients who are actively seeking debt advice.