Enterprise Group e-commerce director resigns

Gordon Steyn has stepped down from his position as director of e-commerce at Enterprise Group.

Speaking exclusively to Mortgage Strategy, Steyn says he quit last month having completed his task of upgrading the group’s EDGEV2 system, which went live in December.

He says: “It was a sensible time to leave and an amicable departure.”

Kevin Paterson, group commercial and marketing director, says: “Gordon’s brief was to develop EDGE to EDGEV2 and then ensure a business as usual mode, which he did as of the end of January.”

Steyn, who joined Enterprise from Thinc Group in 2006, says he plans to remain in the financial services industry in his next role.

Meanwhile, Enterprise has made three redundancies.

Paterson says that one was due to a restructure of the group’s e-commerce department, while the other two were made in its accounts and completions departments in line with the group’s reduced business volumes.

The group is now in the throes of recruiting five new software developers.