Crown launches risk assessment service

Crown Mortgage Management has launched a commercial risk assessment service to help lenders develop a better understanding of the risk profile of their commercial mortgages.

Crown claims it will offer a tailored service to suit lenders’ existing risk management processes.

Julien Holmes, managing director of Crown says : “Opportunities in the commercial mortgage lending sector have attracted lenders whose core business is in residential mortgage lending but the risk profile of commercial mortgages and the variety of means for mitigating that risk are not always well understood.

” The Financial Services Authority’s focus on risk management puts the onus on lenders to have a good understanding of their portfolios, the risk within those portfolios and how best to mitigate and manage the risk both before and after problems arise.”

He adds: “Use of risk management processes at the underwriting stage, during loan administration and when delinquencies arise help lenders mitigate the risks they take on and can substantially reduce the risk of loss.”