Conveyancers must disclose fees

Conveyancers are being warned that they may be in breach of the Law Society’s code of conduct for failing to disclose their fees.

Rule seven of the code outlines the duty of solicitors to present clear and upfront fee schedules in accordance with the British Code of Advertising Practice.

Bromley-based solicitors MTA is concerned that some consumers are being drawn in by conveyancing offers that are too good to be true, only to discover on completion they are laden with hidden costs. The firm says fees can rocket from around £99 to as much as £500.

David Green, chief executive of MTA, says: “Service and price are big factors for consumers but they must be aware that obtaining the cheapest price does not always mean they are buying the best service.

“Prices should always be transparent, whether consumers are shopping on the internet or taking recommendations from estate agents.”

Alan Dring, sales and marketing director at Goldsmith Williams, says: “Brokers are obliged to look past marketing-geared prices and assess the service provided by firms. Something is always sacrificed when costs are kept low.”