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The dynamic duo strike again

So the dynamic duo, Gordy and Ali (the one with the black eyebrows) have devised a cunning plan to save the housing market and the rest of the economy.

What is this?

To hold Stamp Duty back for a year on properties up to £175,000. Along with this, a raft of previously failed initiatives have been dusted off and given a new lease of life in the vane hope of rejuvinating confidence and staving off Gordies fall from grace.

In the meantime the lap dog chancellor rushes from one mess to another with the pooper scooper being operated by various government departments who are already readying themselves for a new incumbent.

It’s well known how we got here- those damn yankees.

Bush, for all his faults and the Fed actually did something decisive and timely when the dogmess started hitting the fan.

The difference between us and the US is that Geordie was deluded enough to think that he could get voted in as premier whilst Bush knew he was on his way out, and the one chance he had to have anything other than a legacy that dwelt on the middle east was to be decisive with his home economy.

Lets face it, the government doesn’t have the first clue about how to fix things, they are career politicians without an an ounce of real knowledge about life outside Westminster.

They have tied the hands of the Bank of England, created a nanny state of white coated health and safety police, which stifles initiative and centralises decisions.

Our culture has become so dependent upon politicians telling us they have all the answers that we have foolishly belived them and now even more foolishly look to them for the answers.

The Insider believes this governement has no answers and has failed. Like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights they run to and fro, if they are lucky they will go between the wheels, if we are lucky they get back to the sidelines.

One just has to hope they, and us, don’t get squished.


Good results for Rightmove

Rightmove has revealed a 58% rise in underlying operating profits for the first half of 2008. It has also seen its membership increase by 5%.

SWB reports healthy profits

Scottish Widows Bank has reported pre-tax profits of £16.4m – a 12% year-on-year rise. Net mortgage growth for the first half of 2008 was £800m, with total mortgage balances of £6.6bn. SWB says its credit quality is strong, with just 0.23% of its book two or more months in arrears. calls for housing shake-up

Home move service is urging for a much needed shake-up in the housing market ahead of the governments range of emergency measures expected tomorrow.


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