Lib Dems lash out at Brown’s rescue plan

The Liberal Democrats say today\'s mortgage rescue package is \"too little too late\" when it comes to helping struggling borrowers.

The party has published its own package of proposals designed to help people left struggling by the credit crunch.

Last week the Lib Dems unveiled their proposals which include tax cuts for low and middle income households, stopping unnecessary repossessions and moves to stop “reckless banks jeopardising economic security”.

Nick Clegg, lead of the Lib Dems, says: “Gordon Brown has produced a plan to save his job, not help people struggling with the credit crunch.

“The government’s response is to try to bribe people into buying houses in a falling market. The last thing vulnerable first-time buyers need is Brown sucking them straight into negative equity with the housing market in free-fall.

“The Lib Dems have consistently called for more help for those threatened with repossession, cutting energy bills and stopping irresponsible behaviour by banks. It is a pity that Brown only wakes up to the problem when his own job is under threat.”