The Mortgage Mole: Lasting Impression

Lasting Impression

Mortgage Strategy editor Paul Thomas has spent the past five years chasing down stories for the mortgage industry but Mole hears he has been making an altogether different type of splash of late.

Having recently enjoyed a sojourn in Portugal with friends, Thomas – or PT, as friends, colleagues and apparently the Portuguese Tourism Board know him – it seems, has been building up a steady fan base on the Iberian peninsula.

Fresh off the plane to Lisbon, one of our loyal readers was surprised to see a sign emblazoned with an affectionate message for PT, in which a stall owner had declared their love for him.

Ever since, Mole has been battling to keep the Welshman’s ego in check. PT was unavailable for comment as he was last seen boarding a plane for Lisbon to meet his newfound fan club.

Eager beaver

Sticking with the theme of wasted journeys, Mole was chuckling to himself as he exited the Financial Services Expo London on Wednesday of last week.

Having strolled around the event for the best part of the morning, taking in some of the industry seminars and even more of the free booze at the Mortgage Strategy champagne mixer, Mole bumped into his old friend and protection guru Highclere Financial Services partner Alan Lakey.

Lakey was down in London to deliver his own speech at a protection seminar being held at the Expo, looking sharp as a tack and raring to go.

Such was his eagerness that, as it transpired, Lakey had turned up 24 hours early for his speech.

Needless to say, Mole directed him to the Strategy mixer, where he consoled himself with a free glass of bubbly.