The Mortgage Mole

Double impact
OK, so Grant Shapps is no longer housing minister but his legacy is still felt and more than justifies Mole’s interest in growing stories of his alter ego Michael Green. In fact last week a picture revealed was published online of Shapps with the name tag Michael Green on his shirt at a US event he intended. This led John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott, former deputy leader of the Labour, to post the following gag on Twitter: “If Grant Shapps has an alter ego called Michael Green shouldn’t we call him Two Tags?”

No, I’m Rob Jupp
And from multiple identities to shared identities as the cover star of last week’s Mortgage Strategy, specialist agent and Brightstar Financial CEO Rob Jupp, became a viral sensation under the hashtag #ImRobJupp. In a homage to the classic 1960s film Spartacus, when the title character’s soldiers shout out “I’m Spartacus” to protect him from the Romans, staff at London-brokerage Coreco Group cut out Jupp’s head from last week’s cover so they can all be Rob Jupp

Finally, Mole has never really had an appetite for McDonalds food, based on their frankly absurd reluctance to cater to burrowing rodents, but it was interesting to hear about their true business. Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s who invited students from the MBA class at university of Texas to guess what business he was in. Rather reasonably, the word ‘hamburgers’ was mentioned but to no avail. “My business is real estate” he told the assembled, explaining that the location of each franchise was as carefully considered as anything sold within.