It’s disappointing that Clydesdale is cutting out brokers

The last time I contacted Mortgage Strategy it was to heap praise on Accord Mortgages, which continues to provide excellent service.

But recently, I was disappointed to discover that a good client of a several years’ standing is being forced to go direct to her lender, Clydesdale Bank, which insists that existing borrowers wishing to move and port a deal should go direct.

The mortgage will be well over £500,000. I will still do the case and charge a fee assuming Clydesdale will allow my client to give me authority to act on her behalf.

But it’s disappointing that lenders are taking this course of action at a time when it’s difficult to attract new business.

The irony is that only last week I asked our Clydesdale BDM to visit our offices to review its proposition. I doubt I shall be placing any further business with it for a while.